“In nature, the buried wood is protected by a layer of sediment organic matter. Its wood will be replaced over the centuries by the mineral water flowing through it. The result is a multicolored stone with motifs and roughness which are the exact replica of their molds. Our tray is also through by multiple colors, which traces its formal history of color and his past community. Marbre is about buried wood that through time becomes a multicolor stone.”
“Labyrinth is a meeting between the graphic work of cisselage silver trays and the pattern of the labyrinth, Figure 3 is a reference to the miscellanea morning. When the gaze is lost between the cups and the back of the cereal box, the labyrinth and guide the lost meal until the end.”

marble : L21 X H29 cm / labyrinth : L46 X H46 cm
Manufactured by Petite Friture